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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve...that time when spirits move on the earth and many magical things happen.
I think I love the children trick-o-treating so much because they embody that sense of the
magical and the other-worldness of this day.

So much is possible when we leave behind the world that only knows a limited vision of
the seeming boundaries of what we see, hear, smell, taste, feel with our physical bodies. The reality of life is so much larger than that. Time and space encompass the entire universes and other alternate realities....dreamtime....accessed and lived when we open to wonder and the possible. All Hallows Eve....Holy, sacred time of possibility.

Tomorrow, November 1rst is All Saints Day and the beginning of the new year for many peoples. We celebrate our ancestors and know that their presence is very much with us. They have walked on the Earth as we do now, and then left to continue their own journey of spiritual awakening. Their time on this Earth molded and shaped them into yet…

It's been a week....again!

The winds are blowing strong...November winds even though it is still October....bringing in a cold front with the first snow flurries of the year. It is very early on Sunday morning and I am loving these winds as I drink a fabulous, strong coffee and write to all of you..

A group of my friends are going to Lake Atitlan this weekend for almost two weeks. I am so wishing that I was with them. However, life is still keeping me in Fort Wayne and so.....I will focus on the beauty of life here in Fort Wayne. And it is beautiful indeed! November is my favorite month of the year. The veil between worlds is very thin and I always feel that I have one foot in this world and one foot in the other world. The religions and ethnic peoples of the world celebrate this thinning of the veil with All Saints Day and All Souls Day on November 1 and 2. Halloween is also all about this deepened communication with the spirit world at this time. Something new and powerful happens in November and I am …

Lots of news

This is the new cover for the Healing Music CD. The music is basically the same, although it has been remastered and tweaked a bit. I have watched as several hundred people ordered the Healing Music CD and then let this music and their own powerful wisdom change their lives. This is a profound experience for me to observe and I am honored to be a part of this journey.

New parts of the world opened up to me also this last week with communication from Australia/New Zealand. This is very cool!
Already through the wonders of digital music I am heard in much of Europe and some of Asia.
Canada regularly orders from me from the province of Ontario through Alberta and New Brunswick. It is one of my greatest joys in life to be in communication with people from all over the world.

Of course, my music is in the Mayan areas around Lake Atitlan in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.
Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, Copan, Honduras, and Palenque, Chichen-Itza and Yaxchilan in Mexico are my home.

Life is good!…

A lovely weekend

This weekend was warm and sunny and crisp. We broke records on temperature...87 on Sunday. I love soaking up sunshine. Now we are also approaching the full moon and I will be soaking up moonlight. On Friday I took these photos of Indiana in transition. It is Autumn, the season of change.

Thursday I recorded more music on the new album that I talked about in Tuesday's Musing. I was musing on whether this new music was a Healing Musig: Volume II. Nope. This particular new music looks like it is just for me. The Healing Music CD will stand on it's own, although I am releasing it with a new cover and remastered. This new music that I played last week..... I have never had my own specific Soul/Deepbody music and now I do. Very cool!!

Thursday also was the monthly meditation for the WOW (Women of Wisdom) group. This is an awesome group of women and the evening was profound. We gather, meditate, journal, and share for about two hours. A powerful time.

So... life is full…

More Music

This photo is a little bit of beauty for your day. White blooms in the middle of a forest....blooming their hearts out with only their own purpose as motivation.

Tuesday I went into the recording studio with a strong connection to the Healing Music. I felt that the Healing Music CD would be tweaked. There is a new cover for this particular CD. What actually happened was that Volume II of the Healing Music series began to emerge. Yes, Volume I is still going to be tweaked, but there is now a Volume II.

This is such a wonderful example of the natural timing of creation. I had no advance warning of this new music, but DO have always an openness to the birth of new music. This morning I will go back into the recording studio and record some more of Volume II.

At this exact moment it looks like I have Healing Music for the 21st Century; Volume I in the Healing Music series, and Healing Music for Mother Earth; Volume II in the Healing Music series. Let's see what today bring…

Natural Timing to Everything

Last week was all about having some more time to create in my studio and office. Now this week is all about moving into the schedule energy of the last year with my music winding around doctor's visits, and tests, and care for family.

Yesterday I had a few minutes to take photos and the top photo will be the back cover artwork for the revised Healing Music CD. The front cover has a photo that I took this last summer. Summer....Autumn. Healing is about change...about transformation...about surrender to life's journey....about walking as Soul in Human Form. In my world view, the change of the seasons is a perfect reflection of healing. Each season is beautiful and has it's own colors and it's own demands and usually comes in with storms which bring about the change. The storms themselves have their own beauty.

Today, after a medical test for a family member, I plan on going into the recording studio to bring the Healing Music CD into it's next level. Of cours…

There is time to make music!!

Happy October 1rst! I walked several miles around one of the lakes in the beautiful Chain O Lakes State Park. We are just beginning to see a glimpses of the spectacular colors that will be dominant later in this month. The air was crisp and about 50 degrees. The sun shone through clouds remaining from the passing of the cold front last night. It was a wonderful way to start the morning. One of the sounds I love in Autumn are the calls of the crows. They were certainly active this morning.

Then back to my office for marketing and to pay some bills, and then out to lunch with a friend.

This week has been the most structured time that I have had with my music for months and months. I am loving it! There is time for reflection and for active music-making....and time for shipping orders and doing the stuff that keeps a business going well.
I am preparing for the beginning of concert work again. Very exciting....I'm SO happy to be playing out again. For the last few years I hav…