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Can it be August already!

What happened?   July just sped by and now we are in August almost at the time of harvest here in the Midwest.  WOW!

The end of July is always another time of taking inventory both physically and energetically.  We do this in July and in December.  This inventory begins to build the next layer on our Mayan Dream Productions pyramid of light.  For those of you who traveled with me into the sacred Mayan lands of Central America and explored the pyramids, you know that they were build layer upon layer…and sometimes the old pyramids were closed….and the energy was used to build the next pyramid upon the old pyramid.  That has always been my model for this business.

I hope that you had time to download the new free music Wisdom's White Fire and Wisdom Ablaze In Deep Green.  If you missed these new pieces of wisdom music, just go to my home page and click on the downloads link at the top of the page.

For all of you on the West Coast who are experiencing extreme drought, extreme heat …