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Physical CDs are now in my office

Finally.....the CDs have arrived and are present in physical form! It's such a joyful thing for me to see these CDs, and a release somehow of a bound energy. VIDA, Ancient/Future Symphony and Mystical Rose are finally going to be out in the world in a form that allows them to be sold in retail stores, be on i-tunes,etc. And of course, A Celebration of Life and Love is now fully available.

So all orders will be shipped today. Awesome!

As always I am in my office in the early morning with my cup of coffee and my lit candle. This is a special time where all of the possibilities of the day are still before me. It's a magical time.

My son Jason and daughter-in-law Leah are moving into their new home this week. They have a daughter (my granddaughter) Lucy and are expecting a second child in late April. This new home purchase is so exciting and joyful for them, and according to "consensus reality", as a young couple, they should not be able to purchase a hous…

WOW! It's already 80 degrees in middle March!

This is pretty amazing weather! The flowers are already blooming in quantity and the birds are singing to their mates. We have Jupiter and Venus both in the night sky together, and a crescent moon. It is so beautiful here!

If you are on my mailing list, you have received a "snail mail" brochure on the release today of "A Celebration of Life and Love". You also have an order form that lists all of the albums that have come out of that great world of music through my playing and recording.....and into our world. Ancient/Future Symphony, VIDA, and Mystical Rose have been repackaged and now will have the full "works" of UPC code and shrink wrap so that they can go into retail stores.

One of the blessings of this repackaging of Ancient/Future Symphony, VIDA, and Mystical Rose was the necessity to listen to all of them completely through when I sent the master CD to the duplicating company, and then again when I received the physical proof back to approve. …

Spring is almost here!

Here we are.....we have been at mid 60s and then at mid 30s. We have experienced high winds this week, and a beautiful full moon, and a change in the texture of the light. Spring is certainly almost here.

The process of Spring always reminds me of the creative process in my own life. In the release of winter, the winds have to blow and storms have to rage as the warm and cold fronts collide bringing the eventual consistent warm temperatures of Spring. As I release a new album, old patterns that are not a celebration of life and love have to come forward and interact with new patterns that bring warmth and light.....this interaction can produce storms and high winds in my life. All good!!

I am also creating a new original music album for a wonderful couple to celebrate and help grow their relationship to it's potential. This is such fun! The recording will happen on Monday of this coming week.

"A Celebration of Life and Love" is in the final stages of production. The U…

All the work that goes into releasing a CD...

So here we the last part of the journey of releasing a CD. I have recorded the music, spent hours in the studio with Tom Tempel in the mixing and mastering process, and now I have a Master CD to send to the duplication company. Susan Stamm and I have met several times on the graphic design for the cover. I have proofed it and re-proofed the cover, inner cover, disc label, and back tray. Now she can upload everything directly to the duplication company.

Vern is creating the new page for my website for this new CD "A Celebration of Life and Love". I wrote descriptions for each track and sent that to him along with mp3 snippets of each track.

As I sit here in the middle of the night, I am listening to the master and making sure that there are no glitches. I am also loading into my computer the masters for Mystical Rose, Ancient/Future Symphony, and VIDA. They will be sent also along with the artwork/graphic design to the duplication company. I am checki…