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Life from the Heart

Hi to everyone....It's early Monday morning after a week at Lake Michigan and spending days with family and with the lake. This was very special time.
Over the last year, I have spent much time deepening my understanding of living life in the world through the focus of the unseen world. This sounds pretty esoteric, but really it is the basis for all spiritual paths. When a person gets past the differences of practice, there is one common focus. Individuals desire to live a life that is based on connection with the Source of all creation, and this Source is the weaving of love that created us, and that supports our lives.
Life always brings forth challenges. Sometimes they are financial, sometimes health, sometimes relationship, sometimes time....but always I am supported through my heart by this Source. It's only my decision to act from old habits, or to pause, and let something new direct my words and my actions. Yikes!
Sometimes when I am caught by difficult outer situat…

June 8 and the music of the chalice

As I sit here writing to you, there is a robin outside my window who has been screaming since dawn. This is the same robin who has been "dive-bombing" my head every time I go outside. Obviously there is a nest close by, but also I am wondering if all is well. Last night most of the birds were screaming until the sun set.
EMERGENCE. Old ways of doing thing have to break down as they reform into newness. As I focus on the newness and the potential that exists for me, life is exciting and anything is possible. There is new music coming along.....the chalice image is there with this music. I have always looked at the chalice as an object which held something to drink (usually wine). Now I am exploring the chalice as an action. I am meant to drink. How does this transfer into music? Let's see what happens.
Do you remember that I talked about a video in my last blog? It has been in the interior world process, and will be out and online very soon now. I have talke…