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Weekends....why is it that we have structured our Western world time into five days of work and two days of rest? Why does Saturday and Sunday have a different "feel" than Monday through Friday? This is true for me even though Saturday and Sunday are days of work for me. It's a mystery!

Last week I sent a paper mailing to everyone....letting all know that I am still around and that music continues to be created. It's always a question of whether to send out paper because of landfills filling up, but e-mails tend to go into that great darkness of spam filters, etc. So, I still send out a few mailings per year and target them only to those people who are connected directly to me in some way. All mailings are also another way to bring beauty and light into the life of the person receiving the mailing.

I love Spring and it's force of new life beginning. From the darkness of the cave of winter we emerge into action as a new sprout. For me.....performance..…


This is a photo by Greg Beck, professional photographer in California. Many times I have walked this path toward the dancing platform in Copan, Honduras. I have sat on the top of this platform in the hot sun and felt the ancient dancers bringing dreams into reality through the action of their dance.

It's Monday again.....and my day stretches forward with many possibilities. I will be taking photographs, and doing some paperwork for Mayan Dream Productions, and dreaming a bit. Right now it's early morning and my hot cup of coffee is at my side as I write this Musing.

The third in the series that is Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, and EMERGENCE, is coming forward. I can feel it creating within. It's title is still unknown.

Spring is also bringing a concert for myself in the Indiana region. More specifics on that later. There is also marketing to be done for the Healing Music for the 21st Century CD and the EMERGENCE CD.

Much love to all!

Music and Art and Hot Coffee!

Here is an image from the summer of last year....a bridge over flowing water...surrounded by the green of the heart and the life force of the tree....going into the unknown.

I am sitting in my the February sunshine...Ancient/Future Symphony is playing...The artwork of Emergence (Ann Beeching's art), Mayan Dream/Dancers of the Flame (Ilene Satala's art), Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth (Ann Beeching's art) and The Journey of Joy (Ilene Satala's art) surround me. The graceful sculpture by Patricia Crane of the filly Prelude is with me on my desk...keeping me company, along with the beautiful indigenous pottery of Judy Madlem, and the carving by Nicolas that is Maria holding the new life. Greg Beck's photography of the Mayan lands graces the wall right outside my office with a profound spiritual energy....the wall is literally pulsing!

Mother Earth is so blessed to have artists...sculptors...photographers....musicians....bringing that special life force that …

Life Emerging From Love

There was a time when I thought ("thought" being the important word) that I knew where I was going and what was going to happen. There was excitement in running toward a goal and knowing that if I kept up with the race, my goal would happen.

Now, it's very different. There is no goal to be achieved. There is no race to run. What will happen? I seldom know.

The excitement now comes in discovery of what is being created....moment to moment. Always now I find that I am having to let go of what I thought life would be. I am letting go of what I perceived my music was all about. I am letting go of what I thought Mayan Dream Productions would accomplish in the world. All of this is being consumed in the fire, and something else is emerging that is unknown.

What will this day bring? I don't know. Is life going to be emerging from love? Yes.

Many life-long habits are being released. One of the most important is the release of looking at my schedule and being over…