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WOW it is already September 13

How can this be! We are almost halfway through September. The air is beautiful this morning...crisp and clean and cool. The frogs and crickets are quiet and a calm has come over everything. This is my favorite time when all of the day is still potential and the excitement is in the unknown.

What is going on in the life of a self-employed musician right now?? I realized that it's been a while since I have actually played a musical instrument. So, today I am picking up my guitar and my drums and PLAYING music. Time moves so quickly that I personally can get caught so up in the paperwork and other basic stuff of running a business that I forget what is the center of my creative life....actually playing music. My Kurzweil keyboard is going to feel like I have forgotten it. Poor thing!

Does anyone else go this through this??

We are headed toward the change of the baktun in the Mayan long count. As you know, I am connected to the Maya through many personal experiences of…