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New Facebook Page for Mayan Dream Productions

Up early today (big surprise!) and creating from the clear morning space that I love.  Watch for a new Facebook page for Mayan Dream Productions to be completed within the next few days.

I talked with Steve Knight yesterday, and we are both very excited about the new website that he has created for Mayan Dream Productions. I will be viewing the test link this afternoon and hopefully we can launch also this afternoon.    How cool is that!!

Love to all!

Wisdoms' White Fire

Here we are…'s 1AM and the wind is bringing cool air to the Midwest.  We have been graced with very warm (way above average) temps and a lot of humidity, and are now moving into cool (below average temps) with sunshine and dry air.  All growing things are loving this unusual Spring……greens are vivid and flowers are lush.

Last week was a busy one!   I was back into the recording studio and new music has arrived. This new music is called Wisdoms' White Fire and is free to you.  You can request an mp3 file from me at any time by e-mailing me and requesting it.

What is Wisdoms' White Fire?   Retta and I were walking in Fox Island and passed a beautiful white flowering pear tree.  It was glowing and the petals that were falling also glowed in the air, and on the ground.   The music comes from my experience of the glowing fire that is the life within the flowering pear tree.  As always,  I did not hear the music in advance of going into the recording studio, but it emerged…


Hello everyone…..As I sit here on this foggy Spring morning, I was thinking of all of you who connect with me through my music.  What a beautiful connection that is and very supportive for me in my daily life.

Next Monday I will be recording the piece of original music that I promised for your free download.
This new piece will be a celebration of "fire" and will be a continuation of the Earth Essence series that is already on my home page for your free download.  I was originally going to record two weeks ago, but a bout with bronchitis postponed the recording until this coming Monday.  It is very difficult to do a live recording when you are coughing!

The April 27th featuring of Mystical Rose on Daily OM was very successful.  Thank you Daily OM for making Mystical Rose available at a special price for your customers!

The music for my next album, Wisdom Ablaze, is coming along also.  Ann Beeching, the artist for the original artwork for the cover, is beginning the sketch…