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Palm Sunday weekend

We are entering the time of Holy Week. Outside the sunshine is beautiful and warm. Holy Week.....a particularly Christian celebration, but also a celebration of the movement of the old into the emergence of the new.
This is also a week that I am connected to the Tzut'zeil Maya as they celebrate this "greatest of all weeks". It's been several years since I have been down to Central America. I miss my time there and truly hope that soon I can travel again to the Mayan lands.
This last week I have reconnected to Twitter and Facebook. I had signed up for both of these months and months ago, but neglected them totally. It's hard for me to feel the connection with people through these kinds of social sites. Myspace is also there, but pretty much also neglected. However, let's see what happens.
Love to all.

Warmth, Creation, Change

This last week has been about enjoying the warmth of Spring and the sparkling quality of the sunlight. We moved to daylight savings time and so have more time in the evening to enjoy light. We are also moving again towards the full moon this coming weekend.
Spring Solstice....full moon...Holy Week....Passover....there are so many collective and powerful spiritual energies moving right now. This is a wonderful time for meditation, creation, change.
I continue to do my musical "thing" with composing, shipping, doing taxes, connecting with people, writing this Musing....and so much more. The Chilam Newsletter is due to come out and also the Musings Newsletter, so lots of writing is on the schedule during the remainder of this week.
Today, I intend to get outside to take some photos and just enjoy the newness of Spring.
love to all!

It's been five weeks....what is that all about?

February and March have been life-changing months...more than usual. On February 1rst, I was in a bad car accident. My car was totaled and I was home recovering for about a week, and then moving slowing for a while after that. As a result of the accident, I have a new car which is really nice (although we had to pay for it!) with a sun roof, individual heat adjustments, and lots of other really nurturing car "things". I especially love the sun roof. I also now have a deep appreciation for my ability to heal quickly.
Somewhere in this mix, I took mom into the emergency room, and then cared for her for several days.....acute bronchitis.
Then a couple of weeks later, I had acute bronchitis for a week. The doctor said that one of the results of the car accident, during which I hit my chest against the dashboard hard enough to imprint the dashboard on my body, was a danger that I would have a lung problem. Well.....!
Then the first of March we took mom into the hospital for…