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Coffee cup in hand!

What a beautiful morning! It's probably around 22 degrees on this bright and soft November day, and my coffee is at hand as always.

In the first part of November, I wrote a new piece of music which is titled Woven in Fierce Kindness. It is on the home page of my website as my free Holiday gift to strings attached. All anyone has to do is hit the link and it will take them to the music which they can download if they want to keep it.

Meanwhile, DailyOM is going to feature Radiance on November 22nd and then keep it as a featured CD through the end of November. They are a wonderful organization with so much to offer all of us. I am grateful that Radiance is a part of their mission this month.

Marketing went out to the world.....all CDs on holiday special through the end of December. Organizations wait until the semi-annual sales of my CDs to order for workshops, etc, but these CDs also make marvelous gifts and at $5 each, what a deal!

Soul/Deepbody Music is now …


Here in Fort Wayne, as I look out my office window, it is an absolutely gorgeous November day. The sun has that special quality that you can only get in late Autumn, early Winter. The light is sparkling on the still-green grass which is wet from the melting frost. It was only 28 degrees last night. The air will be fresh and crisp.

No wonder that I am inspired to write music that includes so much of nature. This Mother Earth is so beautiful, and spectacular. Sometimes it's also pretty exciting and can turn one's life upside down. That is true of most of the music that I write. It does not leave me or the listener in a place of "status quo".

This week has been a reorganization week in preparation for the holidays. My website home page is being decorated and there will soon be a new writing on it. Beginning November 15, there are new prices on the order page.....the lowest prices of the year. A mailing is going out to wish everyone a joyous holiday season, and t…