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Super Thick Fog In Fort Wayne Today

Everything is stopped in the outer world for a little while. A cold front and a warm moist front have combined to bring a thick fog that is mystical. Everything is viewed through a veil. It is beautiful....although anyone trying to get a flight out of our airport is probably not looking at this as beautiful. By 10AM the fog will have lifted and Fort Wayne will again be clear and sunny.

Sometimes the life of a self-employed musician feels like the fog has descended. Everything around is temporarily stopped and veiled. What is happening out there? I can't see, but know that indeed life is continuing and the fog is very local and temporary. The world is a bright and beautiful place with all of you .... creative beings of light in physical form ..... out there adding your warmth of passion and creativity to the colorful weaving of this planet Earth.

This week I have the privilege and honor of releasing the music of Wisdom Enters The World In Love. The veil between worlds lift…

Wisdom Continues To Guide

Here I am....sitting in my office at 4AM with my hot cup of coffee....called out of sleep to work. The air is very moist and warm this morning and we are expecting storms today.

Here is the coyote flute.....a big part of the new album release Wisdom Enters The World In Love. How amazing that these Mayan flutes are singing here in Indiana in the 21st century.

This last week I went into the recording studio to compose a piece of music called Living In The 13th Baktun. I did not know this music until it actually began to emerge. What wisdom brought forward was JOYFUL and teeming with nature's voice. In this one 8 minute piece, we have water and morning birds, and geese and ducks, and frogs....with a really happy yet peaceful piano and string duet with a wood flute deepening the energy with its' melody. This new piece needs a few minutes of tweeking one little part, then it ready to go out to those who have soul music....a gift from wisdom to you through me.

An update on Da…

Deepening In Love will be featured on Daily OM on September 23rd.

Last month I let everyone know that Deepening In Love: A Meditation On Love would be featured at DailyOM. Originally it was scheduled for today, but when I didn't see it on their website, I checked, and they had postponed the feature for one week. I invite you to check it out on September 23 . feature of the day.

It is worth your while to go onto the DailyOm website. It is a beautiful site with many wonderful features to support your spiritual journey.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out last Saturdays Musings which is immediately below this update. love to all!

Walking an exciting new path

This morning as I enjoy the sunshine and crisp autumn air here in Fort Wayne, I am very aware of the terrible flooding in Colorado and asking for blessings for all of those people affected by the flood waters.

Wisdom Enters The World In Love is now complete and the master CD and the artwork will be at National Media Services in a few days. All of the marketing is complete to all of you who are reading this. Soon I will be shipping this new CD. In an another few weeks the music will be available in i-tunes and other digital sites for digital download. The official release date is September 30, 2013.

In 2013 I am doing inner and outer research into the vibration and intention of music. Writing about this will soon begin to appear in this space. This year, my releasing of the Deepening In Love and the Wisdom Enters The World In Love music (new album) has opened new doorways for me and a new pathway for writing and teaching. My own life continues to deepen in love, and Wisdom indeed h…

New album is completely recorded

As of yesterday afternoon, Wisdom Enters The World In Love is now completely recorded. Next week Susan Stamm will do the graphic design for the back tray, the disc label, and the inside front cover. Then the artwork and the music master goes over to National Media Services for duplication and packaging. My deepest gratitude to Tom Tempel for recording and mastering, to Susan for graphic design, and to National Media Services for their always great service. Thank you also to those of you who have pre-ordered, and those who have supported this new album with your words or e-mails.

RETTA'S STORY WITH THE COPAN DRUM. This is my Copan drum....the drum for first track on Wisdom Enters The World In Love that is called Wisdom Cave. After completing this recording, I brought the Copan drum back to my studio, and within a few days our beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Retta, discovered it and chewed a hole in the drumhead. So this drum which has played through so many of my albums..…