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Music of Abundance

In the Midwest, we are now at harvest time. Fields are brown as corn and soybeans are already out of the fields and into the bins. Most vegetables and fruits are long ago harvested.

This photo comes from Salamoni State Park last Thursday on our last warm day this week. The trees are well into their winter hibernation process, and the quality of sunshine is changing. Everything is softer....preparing for the winter soon upon us.

I love photos of pathways that lead into the unknown. There can be such a wonderful feeling of adventure....what might happen?....where might we go? That is my feeling when I am connected to the larger world of possibility. However, if I get caught in fear......look out! The pathway into the unknown becomes a road less traveled and life quickly becomes small.

Music of abundance....all of my music has been written as celebration of The Beloved in her various lover, as mother earth, as Heart of Sky, as joyful companion, as sacred portal.

Life in the Slow Lane...or is it really

September and October so far have been very slow months for blogging and connecting through the written word in any way. I suspect this is because I have been focused elsewhere for a few weeks. Usually I avoid mentioning my personal life in this blog, but all of life is interconnected (as you know!). We have had quite a bit of serious family illness this month. Family is more important than anything else, so many of the outer parts of connecting with all of you dropped off for a couple of weeks.

The love of family, and the effort that it takes me to "go the extra mile" to help out when someone needs help, is a great food for my music. Music does not exist in a sterile bubble. It emerges from the person creating it. When I have to reach inside to find strength and courage for family emergencies, that changes me and changes my music....hopefully deepens the spiritual life of me and my music.

The inner world of creating music has been bubbling right along. No matter…