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Creative Fire

Here is the latest news on the musician front: I am preparing for a Soul/Deepbody recording next Monday. This is one of my greatest loves, so hooray! All of the latest Soul/Deepbody music has been "out in the world" music for people. This is partly why, in my own life, I am being propelled into the world differently. Any music that I create for others changes me also.This morning I am looking at a beautiful summer morning. It's a beautiful world!

Last night I was in and out of sleep most of the night. The full moon was just beginning to wane but it's light was still intense. The night creatures were singing with their full voices. It seemed that the larger world of the unseen was very present to me.

Here is the cover of EMERGENCE, painted by Ann for this CD. It represents to me Creative Fire in the world.

I am primarily a fire sign. Vicki created my astrological chart for me several years ago, and I have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn all in fire signs. I hav…

The Unknown

Last week I talked about the unknown. This was two days before my dad had a stroke. A stroke is one of the most radical forms of the unknown that I know. The person who has had a stroke is walking a pathway that is totally unknown and their life is changed forever.

My dad is 90 and will 91 in a few months. His age is a testimony to a life lived very fully. Before the stroke, he continued to walk in his beloved nature for LONG walks around the wetlands. In spite of knowing that he has beginning Alzheimers, he continued his very funny sense of humor. He speculated often on issues like the energy waves that are all around us...and what they do with us....and what do you suppose the life inside a plant feels like, etc. He has made his own telescope and loves to search the skies. He has a beautiful tenor voice and had sung throughout his life, and played the harmonica. Dad's career was as a research engineer and he has components up in space that he helped design and build with…

Gosh! It's been a while.

Last weekend Walt and I went to Bloomington to watch Leah give her PhD defense in high energy physics.
She was awesome and probably has contributed to a new discovery down the road that will benefit all of us.
I didn't understand any of it, but sure enjoyed it anyway!

Jason gave his PhD defense last September. Now husband and wife both have a PhD in high energy physics. I can't help but know that there is purpose in all of this for something great in the future.

I took this photo at IU in Bloomington while waiting for the time of Leah's defense to arrive. There is something powerful about the dark within green forest.

There is also a power to paths that lead into the unknown. This is the story of my life right now...walking the pathway of the unknown.

The month of July is a month of rest and very little happens in the outer world for me. Orders slow down hugely....commissions wait....I spend a lot of time outdoors listening and soaking up the beauty around me.

Now, already I…