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I love Autumn in Indiana.   We have the most beautiful colors and the crisp air of the first frost to revel in! I took the photo on your right as I looked down from the top of a dune in Fox Island onto Retta in the dappled sunlight.  Notice the pink rays of the sun.  Hmmm...isn't that amazing!

The second photo was captured as I looked up into the trees in the late afternoon as the sun was illuminating the golden leaves.  They were brilliant in the sunshine.

Looking down....looking up....seeing wisdom manifesting in profound beauty in ways that I often do not see.  I can be focused only on the things that are right in front of me....not seeing the larger picture.  Can anyone else relate to that?? Retta is the one who brings me into these walks, and brings me into the larger vision so often.     This is Wisdom Ablaze! in all of nature.                                                                                   

Music with Cup of Coffee in the early morning moon

It's such a beautiful morning in Fort Wayne.  The full moon is shining in a soft warm air...while a few clouds are blown across the moonlit sky.  The leaves on the silver maple are just starting to turn and in the moonlight, some are glowing red...all are glowing silver on their undersides. It's mid-October and we are expecting 83 degrees for the high today.  Because of the warm Autumn, all of our flowers are still in full bloom, and also glowing in the moonlight.

As usual, I have my trusty cup of coffee at hand as I write Musings this morning.  Retta is keeping me company on the nearby couch.....soundly sleeping in doggy contentment.

What will this week bring? 

There are two new music videos coming in the mid-week.  One of them features the photos that I took of the forest trees that inspired the first track of Wisdom Ablaze.  So, you can watch the video, listen to the music of We Call Forth Wisdom, and experience the forest impacting you with it's wisdom beauty.

The othe…

Why Wisdom Music?

Why has the new music of Wisdom Ablaze been created?  Why would you want to purchase and listen to the music of Wisdom Ablaze?

Well........These are really difficult times in our world. Our world is struggling to find it's center. 

We need strength, joy, compassion, love in our lives in a special way at this time in our world.  We can make a difference!

Most of us have experienced the beautiful place of joy, love, compassion many times in our lives, and we have extended these wisdom qualities to other around us.  This is so important NOW. music supports your powerful ability for good in this lifetime.

Listen to this new music of Wisdom Ablaze and let it support you!   This is my desire for all of you, and my own way of making a difference in our world towards wholeness.

The one thing that surprised me in my own music was that Wisdom Ablaze is the peaceful, gentle music that it is.  The fire that is wisdom is not a destructive force, but a warming and transcendent forc…

New Facebook page for Mayan Dream Productions

Hello everyone…..I now have republished a Facebook page for Mayan Dream Productions and my new Wisdom Ablaze album.  My Facebook name is mayandream.16.

Yesterday I approved the physical proof of Wisdom Ablaze, and so it is now in production and will be here next week….estimated date October 12.  Hooray!