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From blizzards to floods

This is an optimistic photo which was taken a couple of years ago in the very early Spring. I hope to see these flowers along the trails of the state forest very soon.

Last week in the middle of snow storms, the Musings newsletter for February finally went out. Orders were shipped when it was possible to get to the post office. One day, the mail could not even be delivered to us because of snow drifts.....very unusual! Now, we have had thunderstorms and lots of rain overnight and "overnight" our white landscape has turned to brown. The rivers are high and flood warnings are up. All of this weather is a constant reminder to me that life never stays the same. It's craziness for me to worry about what might happen, or what might not happen. Let's go with the flow!

I announced that Living The Possible
album would be on the website for free download. That is delayed a little bit.....until maybe the end of this week and it's posting will be announced with a spl…


Well, we are moving toward the end of February. We've had so much snow this winter, and a blizzard, but the beauty has been phenomenal. This photo is mine of one particularly beautiful snowfall. Today, Mother Nature is having a gray day.....the skies are dark and brooding and we are being coated with ice. It's a very good day for a fire in the fireplace because no one is going anywhere!

The Musings newsletter will be coming out this Wednesday for February....a little late because we are almost into March. However, life's timing is not always exactly on my schedule. Hopefully this newsletter will come to you exactly when you wanted to read it.

We met with our long-time tax preparer last weekend, and it turns out that Mayan Dream Productions increased success this year has increased our taxes, and so less refund. What a good problem to have!

This last week of February has been about my body reorganizing around the shoulders and down my arms. It seems that I have re-inju…

Taxes are done and another year has passed.

This week's blizzard gave me some time to finish up the taxes for Mayan Dream Productions. It wouldn't take so long, but I always spend this time looking at the year that has passed. I look at every invoice and connect with thanks to the person or business that bought my music. Some decisions for this year will be made based on such questions as "Why did my ink cost triple last year?" Could it be because I purchased a new printer that is much more expensive to run? there another reason?

In the last two weeks between snowstorms and the blizzard, there was precious time to connect with friends over coffee. Playtime! Also playtime was beginning to learn the guitar again with no pressure to perform it, or record it, or do anything but enjoy it. Walt gave me the guitar for my birthday, and I'm loving it!

My sales at CDBaby are really picking up after several years of limping along. That's wonderful, but there is no obvious outer reason. Maybe s…