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Heat wave!

It's amazing how hot and dry it has been this July. Indiana is known for it's high humidity and hot July and August, but this year has been truly off the charts. Of course 40 out of 52 states are also experiencing the intense heat of this summer. Even in the air conditioning it makes me want to sleep more and eat less. The grass has gone dormant, and the flowers are showing the stress. We need rain pretty badly, and yet we had so much rain in June that the farmers could not plant in the normal timing. Many corn crops were never planted. Something is happening with our Mother Earth that is leading to extremes.

The music business takes a vacation also in July. The annual July sale gives everyone an opportunity to purchase CDs at a greatly reduced price with free shipping and handling. However, even the impetus of a good sale does not offset the natural ebb that happens in July. So, this is time for me to do the various things that cannot be done in a busy schedule, an…

Back from beautiful Lake Erie!

Can you imagine going to sleep every night with the sound of waves lapping against the shore? You who live by water understand this feeling. We were right on the shore of Lake Erie and the waves were always with us. I was wondering why I did not bring my zoom recorder, but I did get video of the Lake in it's various moods and hope to use the sound and video in a future YouTube or in a future album.

This week the special sale prices for all my CDs are active on my website. The price per CD is $6.50 with shipping and handling free. What a deal!!

All creative projects come from the physical life of the person who is creating. My music reflects the health and strength of my body, the quiet of my spirit, my connection to my extended family and my connection to the Source of all creativity. My week of Lake Erie was a strengthening of my love for family, including grandchildren and adult children with their spouses. The fun of the week enlivened body and spirit. As a result, my cr…