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Gathering Up The Threads

Up early today.....Hot cup of coffee at music from Wisdom Enters The World In Love is playing....outside it is misty and the air is very thick with the scent of grasses. Retta is sleeping just a few feet away (her normal place at my side most of the day!).

What will this week bring? I really don't know, but today it involves writing and sending out demo CDs and listening to my new Deepening In Love CD, and the upcoming Wisdom Enters The World In Love CD. Photography is also part of this week and begin to bring the potential YouTube video that features The Beloved into actual physical form.

Love to all.

Input From You

I received two e-mails and a note regarding Deepening In Love or my Musings writing that I would like to share with all of you.

First from California: "Thanks so much for your gift of the new CD! (referring to Deepening In Love). This was a good call of your part. I and others appreciation all your music, but to have these pieces all on one disc is wonderful. I'll use it for my upcoming week-long workshop.

Second from Wisconsin: "From your Musings which I read and enjoy you sound wonderful and your writings are so reflective and beautiful. I love reading them which makes me so aware of the beauty of our world. You radiate peace in your writings too which our world so needs."

Third a note from California: "I listened right after receiving. I am so grateful to you. It (referring to Deepening In Love)is powerful and inspire."

You and I don't always know the impact that our creativity and our healing ministry has on the worl…