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Month of the Heart. Month of Celebration

February is here! In the collective consciousness, we honor the heart and love with Valentine's Day, and we celebrate the unknown and the unseen with joy and color and beauty through Mardi Gras's twelve days of parades in New Orleans. Both of these times carry the unseen world into our awareness in powerful ways.

Our focus here in the musical world of Mayan Dream Productions will be very much in the vibration of this month. We will be deepening in the heart....more inner work than outer work...and we will be joyful beings of celebration.

Always, my music is of service. Mayan Dream Productions does not exist to sell CDs. It exists to bring music of love, kindness, transformation into the world and to be of service to all of you. Mayan Dream Productions exists to allow me to continue to compose, perform and teach what my music brings forward. It is a structure of LIGHT!

In 2013 we are in the time of choice. Which world will we choose? The place of hopelessness and s…

A Beautiful Early Morning In January

Here we are again! I am writing to you with my hot cup of coffee at hand, and the softness of the early morning all around me. We won't have dawn until several hours yet, but in this quiet and clearness I can hear the sound of the train whistle in the distance.

Yesterday and today I was brought into the writer Self again and have a marketing brochure ready to go. It is called Spring Into Life and it celebrates our emergence into the newness of our lives. We are all so important. Each one of us brings our color and sound into the tapestry of life...through our own unique emergence of love, kindness, gentleness, strength through our service and our creativity.

In my life, my service and my creativity is my music. When I open to perform, compose, record new music my heart is wide open, and my wisdom self is speaking. This Heart and Wisdom are allowing the forces of the unseen world to bring sound into the world that carries the core of love. Then, this sound as it is perfo…
To everyone who is reading this throughout our beautiful Mother Earth. Welcome! On December 21, 2012, the people of the Maya celebrated the change of the baktun. With ritual and celebration, they welcomed the new baktun and the new energy. The rest of the world entered into a craziness of wondering if the world was going to end! For myself, this date was also my birthday and so it was a special transformation time for me.

I have always been deeply connected to the Mayan people. When I travel to the Mayan lands I experience a coming home, and usually I come back to the United States with new music to record. With the illness of my parents for the last 6 years, traveling outside of the country was no longer possible. As their power of attorney, I needed to be more available at all times. However, Conrad Satala made possible a series of ongoing virtual pilgrimages that allowed me to travel in the virtual world without having to leave the United States. These virtual pilgrimages h…

What is Happening in the Life of A Musician?

January is a month where all of nature is in hibernation, and I, the musician, am also in hibernation. This is a time where preparation is made for new things to emerge. It is a time when the previous year is reviewed in order to do taxes and other kinds of creative financial commitments.

This morning I sent out the monthly newsletter to all of my much loved clients and customers. Tomorrow I will be working with Quickbooks and also updating my data base of new customers. All of this is fun work....very creative....and reminds me of the love that is "out there" for my music and for myself as the composer and recording artist.

During the month of December, life brought forward many evidences of love all around me. I was close to my mother in her death, and to Walt and my family as we gathered to send her into the light. I felt the love of clients and customer as I shipped many orders. Christmas was certainly an expression of the love of my children and grandchildre…