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Quiet Conversation with You

So here I am again.....writing about the journey in the early morning hours. There is a vast storm system moving across the country and my body can tell that it is coming close to the Indiana area. I have my hot cup of coffee in hand and am enjoying the quiet communication with all of you.

I am creating a playlist for myself of the music that particularly focuses on dawn, and especially music with bird song. For me, November is a powerful month of change when heaven and earth are very close to each other. There is a lightness to November and a dawning of potential. It also feels to me like a celebration of Wisdom. And.... Soon we will be at the winter solstice and celebrate the dawn of the return of light. It is great that over the years I have written so much music that celebrates light and features birdsong. Now I can put all of the various pieces together to give myself that particular joy!

Of course, you also can do this with my music. Make your own playlist to support …

Had to Expand my Office Space!

Hi to everyone on this beautiful, sunny and very cold October morning. We had a hard freeze last night....down to 29 degrees. Brrr!!

As promised, Musings is becoming a place for me to share with you the "behind the scenes" of music that transforms. Check out the blog of October 17th for the beginning of the story.

This last week I had to expand my office space. I no longer had room for all of the musical instruments, CDs, and my technical equipment. Very exciting!

Coming soon....the next Musings writing on music and transformation. Stay tuned!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: All of my CDs (including the new release Wisdom Enters The World In Love)are $6.50 each plus shipping and handling. Click on to order and pay by credit card.

Love to all.

My Music As Inspiration, Healing, Transformation For Your Life

As usual, if I am communicating with you in this blog, I'm in my office in the muse energy of writing. Today I redid the look of Musings....the fun of expressing my artistic side.

Let's muse a bit about where my music comes from and what it does for you.

My music is a streaming of love from the unseen world, through the living presence of myself as musician, into you, the listener.

As I center myself into the flow of love from the unseen world, my living presence of myself as a musician interweaves with this flow, creating the uniqueness of my music.

I used the word "Unseen World" a lot in this last paragraph. What does that mean to you? For me, it is that place that is not necessarily known to my mind, but is felt by me when I know that new, original music is coming into my life to be recorded by me. The music comes from a source that I really can't "see", but it is highly creative, and a vibration of the love that has created all of us. Thus…

Wisdom Enters The World In Love is in my office!

Hello....The CDs are here for Wisdom Enters The World In Love. All pre-orders have been shipped and if you asked for an autographed copy, I autographed your CD.

Wisdom Enters The World In Love is available on my website for order via credit card. Click on and then click on Order Beverlys' Music via Credit Card Here .

These links will take you to the shopping cart for ordering any of my music. Wisdom Enters The World In Love and Deepening In Love: A Meditation On Love should be available for download also within about three weeks.

Love to all.