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Connections that run deep

Technology! For some reason my blog site has decided that I can't post a photo within the blog text anymore. Why? I don't know! I tried deleting photos from the memory to see if I was "overdrawn", but that didn't help. can't really reach a person, so finding an answer in 30,000 various comments by fellow bloggers was not helpful. It's possible that blogspot will become a thing of the past for me. We'll see! There are other blog sites out there.

I am on Facebook and for the last few weeks people from my distant past have been coming back into my life. It has been my experience (63 years of life!) that people don't really disappear. They may leave for a while, but these connections and relationships were forged in a mystery. Always there is a reason for people to be in my life.

Over the last week I have been listening to VIDA a lot. Track 3 is called Profound Love, and the music of Profound Love is directly connected to the m…

July 26 and five days of vacation

WOW! Starting today I have five days of vacation. This is so cool! What will I do with these five days? Walter and I are not going anywhere too far away, so I will be spending time outside mostly having fun.

Does this mean that Mayan Dream Productions is being put "on hold" for five days? Not really because I know that I will be checking e-mail and shipping orders, but life will slow down in general. I am looking forward to long naps, and walking outside, and drives out to the country and to the lake, and just connecting with family in more relaxed ways.

Dawn is just starting to break. The birds outside are waking and calling with that special early morning bird call. We are blessed with a cool morning (only one day promised of coolness, then back to the heat). I looked up into the sky into the morning star pattern and remembered how vast the universe really is.....and we are at the time of the full moon. How beautiful this world is! This morning reminds me of…

Paying It Forward

Over this lifetime, so many people have given so much of their time and loving energy to me. Now, in these later years of my life, it's time to "pay it forward". There are so many ways for me to give...loving attention to those close to me....continuing to create music....a little financial help when necessary without any payback.....taking time to stay focused in my own heart to help with the loving energy of this planet. These are all small things but sometimes I forget how important these small things are.
This week continues to be very hot and humid....but, after all, it's July and what else would I expect from July. I wonder how a hot and humid July would be expressed in music??
Last week I received a lovely note from a healer in Australia: "Hiya Beverly, I just received my three CD's, they are fantastic...such a quick delivery, it takes longer than that to receive ordinary mail within Australia some time. I'm amazed. I already have your CDs &q…

July in Indiana

Many of these posts start out with a weather report from Indiana. This morning I'm sitting at my desk, writing to you, with a cup of coffee at hand, and the window open to hear the birds and feel the early morning cool. We have had a very hot July in Indiana and this week will be no exception. The air is completely still outside.
These weather reports show up in my music......what does heat and stillness and storm and cold and snow and flower "sound" like? There is new music brewing, and I can't wait until it has reached the point where I can go back into the recording studio. I'll know the time because it will feel like I am nine months pregnant and ready to delivery that baby!
Last week.....shipping and more shipping.
Meanwhile, life is rich and full and I am enjoying the beauty of summer. Love to all.

9 CDs

Ann Beeching designed and painted for me a beautiful home to display my CDs. This display is on my computer window to the world. All of these CDs represent the journey from knowing that I have music to create, allowing myself to become the person who can create that music, and then taking the time and space to record and nurture a project into the world. Each CD represents lots and lots of time and creative work. I used to think (back when I was an innocent) that I would just simply sit back and create and everything would happen. Ha!! The work and time involved in the creative process is intense. But in the creative flow it is joyful, and an incredible experience unlike any other. I absolutely love it!
As I look at nine CDs I feel the radiance of all of the people who are listening to my music and loving my music. Most of my music is now throughout the world.....literally....even in CD form but certainly in digital form. I'm not sure about the North and South Pol…