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Time of the Return of Light

This year in the Midwest the Winter Solstice is being ushered in with great fanfare. Last weekend a winter storm with lots and lots of snow.... following deep cold (brrrr)...and now for the coming of the actual solstice, another storm with either lots and lots of rain, or snow. The Winter Solstice also is my birthday. My birth on this day was the result of my mother's fall into one of those wood grates that they used to have in sidewalks in the year 1946. I was six weeks me this lovely gift of a birthday on the Winter Solstice. (Not so great for mom though!)

It is 3AM and I am writing this musing with my hot cup of coffee at hand and a homemade pumpkin, cranberry, walnut muffin. As always, Retta is close by. Christmas music is playing on this computer. The Christmas tree shines in the darkness of early Mayan flutes and sacred art from Central America are looking down on me from the top of my computer desk. The full moon and stars are bright…


When I take Retta out the front door for a short walk, she prances down the sidewalk, barking in sheer joy! I laugh! Her joy is contagious. This morning I am experiencing the music from Mystical Rose that is called "laughter". The joy in that music brings a lightness to my body, and sunshine to my spirit. What a wonderful way to begin my day!!

The laughter that my music is all about is the bubbling up of joy from expression of soul.

I have placed a link at the first part of the home page for the laughter music for your free download. Home page link: Enjoy!

Here is Retta with the Christmas tree, enjoying her precious bone. Wishing you every blessing as we continue to move toward the time of the return of light. Love to all.