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Vibration of wisdom beauty in my music

I sit in my office, writing to all of you, and feeling the intense colors of this cool summer. The flowers outside my office window, and the greens of leaves are spectacular. A cardinal family has made it's nest in this beauty also. The sky is clear blue and the air is crisp and cool. The vibration of wisdom has created this manifestation of GAIA.

Over the years of composing and recording music, my question to the Wisdom core from which my music comes has always been: "How do I describe in sound the essence of the beauty around me." And Wisdom always replies: "Open to the vibration and the feeling...don't think about it....let it change you into the person who is this vibration.... then begin to make music."

From this space has emerged an instrumental sound, combined with sounds of nature, which opens the possibilities of emergence and healing and creativity to myself and to those who experience my music. In this sense, I am a healer who creates …