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Wednesday morning

Last night was one of those "non-sleeping" nights. Usually for me that means that the creative juices are high and running...and often I will get up and be creative with something. For sure it was a beautiful night. We had lightning and thunder and it!

I've had a week or so of reminiscing about the last 20 years, and thanking everyone in any way that I know for being with me these 20 years. it's time to focus on these next 20 years, which have already begun.

Today is very much a business day. There are bills to be paid and papers to file and stuff like that. It comes from the same central core of The Heart of Everything.

To all.....have a beautiful day.

Now it's Wednesday evening and I am adding to this mornings blog. It was a very busy day and finally late in the afternoon I crashed and slept for 2-1/2 hours. Then up...Walter bought pizza (yumm but putting pounds on my waistline for sure)...what a guy!

Marketing for this next cycle…

Continuing Story

So many of you are artists, writers, sculptors, photographers, musicians, body workers, etc. and you understand deeply the process of creativity. We cannot "order up" our creative projects...but rather they find us.

That is, of course, how it is with me. My work is to get busy with the creative work that emerges for me.

Don't forget to download the "Love Breathes" music. It will be up for a month, and then down again to be followed by "Mi Corde".

Love to all.

The whole world

Here is our resident "power animal"...a cockateil who knows just how powerful a presence he is. His name is Pacal...he is named after one of the greatest Mayan Lords and shamans from Palenque. He is a master at teaching Walter and myself patience! You do not put Pacal in a cage, or leave him out of the action. He also understands the energies of healing, meditation and ritual and becomes very quiet and fluffy during those times. Feel his presence radiating in this photo. Notice too the beauty and grace of Walter's hand, resting near Pacal...a healing hand.

Ilene is doing a series on the musician Philip Glass. Her reminder that he will be playing in Chicago in October brought me into some reflection. Philip and I are both musicians who create and play from the heart. Our music is very different because we are on different Soul journeys, but we share the process of creating from the unknown and with passion. Sometimes I forget that I am part of a large group of mus…

Now.....back to work!'s back from vacation and onward to the next adventure.

July is a big month for orders because of conferences and classes. One of the things I love about shipping orders is the connection with the people who are using my music.

From the first week in May through this week I have not been able to record any music that requires drumming or a "hard" keyboard run. My right arm and hand have gone through many layers of difficulty, pain....lack of co-ordination. There were times when I wasn't sure that I would play again, but I believe that I will play again, just not in my own timing. Walter and Conrad have been wonderful sources of healing with their intuitive abilities and connection to Spirit. own music is primary source of transformation for me.

This week.....finishing the 20 year celebration mailings....sending Healing Music for the 21st Century off to New Leaf Distributors....connecting with people.

As usual, I am writing early in the morning wit…

All Sorts of Celebration!

This week we traveled to Philadelphia to visit Andy, Lysa and Caeli, and tomorrow we will go to Chicago to visit Jason and Leah. There is no substitute for actually being "with" children and grandchildren. We can talk on the phone and e-mail....but being with's awesome!

In between both trips, I am shipping orders at the celebration of 20 years special price with FREE shipping to all customers. The ad has gone into Evolve Magazine for the holiday issue (imagine....thinking about Christmas when it is in the 80's outside!). There is a new newsletter that is different from the Musings blog that will have it's premier issue mailed next week....part of the celebration of 20 years also.

Everything that I am doing to celebrate the 20 years of Mayan Dream Production's existence is coming from a flow of energy from the spiritual core of myself, and of the spiritual core of Mayan Dream Productions. This flow gives me clarity of direction. There is a peacef…

Walking the Pathway into the next Cycle

This summer I am very much open to each day as it presents itself. I have no idea when I wake up what the day will actually bring, except to know that I will "go with the flow".

A twenty year cycle of creating music and releasing it into the world has built a strong foundation for the next cycle that is emerging. For me....the best image of this process is of the Maya of ancient times. The wondrous pyramids that now exist were built through cycles. The first 20 years or so was of placing the "energetic" foundation. Only when that was in place did the actual stones start to rise. In our time, people spend years creating the "energetic" foundation of their lives as they get master's degrees and doctorates, and at the age of maybe 28 or 30, start the actual work of the outer career.

I remember being 30 and thinking that my life would be pretty much over at 60. (Remember how that was?!) Instead life seems to be expanding as I move through my 60s. A…