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As I sit here in my office....candles of the day, blue and green flaming, I am listening to track five from A Celebration of Life and Love which is called Sacred Voice. It is so beautiful! Sacred Voice is being used as the carrier music for many of Conrad's blessings and meditations. Why? In my perception it is because this vibration is the wisdom voice of the Heart of Sky and Earth, the Heart of Everything, and the Source of Creation. As I listen to this music, my heart opens to receive the vibration and I melt into this incredible presence of love. I am transformed.

Then the music moves into track six, Woven in Gentleness, soft music set into flowing water. For me, as part of nature, I am only really supported when I have not separated myself from the sun and moon and water and earth and all of it's creatures. Even in the thunder, lightning, wind....this beautiful Mother Earth carries me with gentleness and strength.

The sun is just now rising and shining int…

Absolutely Gorgeous Snowy February 2nd

What a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. We have a soft snow falling all day today and tomorrow and Monday. Everything is a lovely white. The portal in my office is especially alive this morning.

The month of January was a time for me of body transformation. On December 26th I got sick and that illness continued through the entire month of January. On one level, a person could say that I was exhausted from the caregiving of November and December and the lack of sleep, but that is really not the deep story here. I am in the middle of a transformation of body that will allow a whole new level of music, of performance, of teaching to be possible. As you know, creative expression depends on the creative person's body to manifest the creativity into the world. We are a harmonic resonance, a vibration, an essence of spirituality in physical form

So my body is being transformed so that a newness of creativity can emerge for me. It's not a surprise that my Spring focus i…