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What's In A Name??

August was certainly a time of rejuvenation. We had beautiful, soft weather most of the month, and time for kicking back and letting new music emerge. I spent some time with the name of this business: Mayan Dream Productions.

For me, this business name came about because of my love of the ancient Mayan sacred sites and lands. My own dream of living as a self-employed musician was realized as I traveled through these lands and composed and recorded original music.
The business name "Mayan Dream Productions" is an honoring of the support of the unseen world, and gratitude for all that has emerged since the beginning of my business in 1987.

The ancient Maya were world travelers. My own music has traveled throughout the world. The ancient Maya lived as one with the planet earth. My music celebrates Mother Earth and the interweaving of all of the life forces (including us) that she generates. The ancient Maya had creativity as their primary core: just experience the de…