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Mother Nature at her best

She has done it again! We have many inches of new snow and it's still snowing. It is absolutely, fabulously beautiful outside. Everything is covered with pristine white. This photo is a color photo (believe it or not). We are seeing a bit of deep green peeking out of white and brown.

How does music capture the essence of this kind of beauty? I am out in the snow soaking up the living vibration of everything around me. This vibration becomes a part of my own body and eventually will come out in sound waves.....carrying this beauty.

Deep green....white....soft browns....deep silence....softly falling snow covering me quickly as I walk.....MUSIC.

Profound Love carries this essence. So does Deep Snowy Night and Tree of Light. There is other, new music that will come.

These three pieces are free downloads from this website. Some time ago I understood that some of the music that is coming forward through me was meant to be offered as free download. All of my music...w…


What does this photo have to do with the power of our purpose? Nothing directly...but I felt that it would be nice to be reminded of what Mother Earth will look like in five months. It is snowing again this morning...keeping everything a beautiful white. But this white is only part of the ever-changing wholeness and soon we will see the beginnings of Spring, and then this rich green of June.

The concert yesterday that was part of the inauguration was a powerful reminder that music is primary to our lives. Music carries the energy of vitality and color and ongoing change. Music heals and inspires. Yo Yo Ma will be front and center when Obama takes the oath of office. When Yo Yo Ma plays cello....performing, or playing cello are just too weak of language to describe what happens. His beauty of spirit pours through the cello. The unseen world of the sacred is ours to experience for a powerful moment in time. This moment will last forever and that is the gift t…

Life Continues

It is a beautiful, snowy, windy Saturday. Friday night our temperature dropped to -19 with a wind chill below -40. These are certainly records and much of the country seems to be experiencing this kind of radical weather. This weekend we experience the inauguration of
Barak Obama as president. Another radical event for this planet.

So...with radical events all around me, how does my life reflect these outer stories? The online trip that I am part of is an opportunity to be different in a very radical way. The stories that I tell myself which are so limited can be let go. The perceptions of life that are small can be let go. New journeys are possible concerning my inner world.

Happy Saturday!

Online trip to Guatemala

For the next ten days I am participating in an online trip to Guatemala with a group of maybe fifteen other people. The photo is of Lake Atitlan and my online trip is in this area. This is the miracle that internet can bring.

What is an online trip? Taking the time in my life to be connected through meditation and through ritual into a retreat type of experience in the midst of a very busy life. all stream through the internet. More on this as these 10 days progress.

Nature is participating also in this retreat. It is 14 below zero in Fort Wayne with a wind chill of -40 so much of outer life is shut down. Thus it is much easier to travel inward because outer distractions are minimized.

Today I will be finishing the description of Healing Music for the 21st Century on CDBaby, and also placing the Healing Music CD on Amazon. Then there are copyright papers to file with Washington DC. Next week there is more Soul/Deepbody music that will be created (wonde…

The Journey

This photo was taken in a nature preserve in Indiana and it is now covered in snow. We are under a winter storm warning...expecting another "many" inches of snow and it is beautiful.

I loved this path because it reminds me of Copan, Honduras. I chose this photo for today's Musings because it calls forth the journey into the unknown which is my life and yours.

The economic news yesterday was very bleak.. a couple of million people without work and without health insurance. Many millions more without enough work to actually buy enough food and to pay for the basics of life. The stock market falling....companies closing or downsizing. The political news was bleak....war.....terror....poverty across the world.

And yet.....the unknown journey continues. We don't know really what this means. The planet is massively shaking off one form of living life based on an outer and inner masculine structure that created an artificial and very destructive life.
The sacred feminin…

Monday....what is new?

There is a freshness to Monday. I begin a new week with a sense of new adventure and new excitement.

Let's first mention the gifts for all who are reading this Musing.

*Healing Music is out in its fullness and available to you.
*The music of Profound Love is available for your free download as my gift to you for the year 2009.
*All of my music has been on sale since December 1, 2008 Christmas gift to all of you. This special price will last until January 9, 2009. Happy Holidays!!

What will happen this week? I have no idea about my actual schedule. Will we have another ice storm (ice is indeed predicted)? Will someone close to me get sick and need care? What orders will come in for Mayan Dream Productions? However, even though I have no real control over my schedule, I do know that this week comes with a feeling a freshness and excitement and possibility.

The Wisdom Women group is scheduled to meet on Thursday. This is always a deepening for me of my own inner w…