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A very special week

The week of November 1.....a time in the planet where the veil between worlds is very thin. We acknowledge this in the United States with Halloween, Sanheim, All Saints and All Souls Days, Day of the Dead. I will be celebrating by creating music in the recording studio this afternoon.

It has been over a year since I have recorded new music. This year of rest has allowed an entirely new level of music to be created.
I am especially excited that Soul Music is coming back into active being after this year of rest, and will be accessible to people in new ways.

For this week of deep connection to the spiritual forces that support me.....I am focused on loving kindness, compassion, joy, strength, openness to the newness. Blessings to all of you!

Just an Update

All of a sudden an entire month and one week have gone by and there has been no update to this blog. Yikes! This photo was taken by me at Salamonie State Park looking out onto the dam reservoir.

For me, September is the new January 1 and the beginning of the new year. Life starts to move forward at a much faster pace. I am suddenly in work mode, rather than summer relaxation mode. My biggest challenge is to take time off for personal life and for reflection, because I get caught up in all of this and want to just keep working and working. All of the small business books warn about this tendency and I certainly am a classic example!

Mayan Dream Productions is all about healing music and the spiritual power of creativity in our lives. This vision manifests through my creating music of connectivity between all of nature, and music deeply rooted in my partnership with the unseen worlds. All marketing, teaching, composing, writing, recording, filing focuses on this vision.

In Fort …