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In the Natural Timing of Things

Hi everyone.....

Two weeks ago I recorded the final 10 minutes of the Wisdom Ablaze album, received the digital CD for the artwork of the cover (Ann Beeching original) and the music master is ready to go to National Media. It is part of a three CD series on Wisdom.

The Wisdom music began with the album "A Celebration of Life and Love" which was released in 2012.  The third track is called Wisdom, and this album explores the various aspects of living in the warmth of Wisdom Fire:  Dancing in Lightness of Spirit, Sacred Voice, Woven in Gentleness, and A Gentle Touch.  Track three, Wisdom, emerges from Track one: At The Cave, and Track two:  Sunrise.

A year later, I completed Wisdom Enters The World In Love. This powerful music again brings the place of the Wisdom Cave (Track one), the Wisdom Mountain (track two)….both sacred places of birth…..then we have the aspects of Wisdom:  (track four) Wisdom Dances the Waters, (track five)Her Gentle Voice, (track six) Fire Within, and (…