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April 21

I'm exploring today. I logged on to and discovered that all is different. I am typing into a different space with different directions....and no warning from just was presented to me. That would be a symbol for my life these days. As we are moving more and more into the new Mayan long count that begins on December 21, 2012 life is changing in many, many ways. There is a new support around me. On an outer level I could say that the economy is improving and therefore my sales are up. And it is sales have been consistently up for many months now. But what is really true is that A Celebration ofLife and Love (my new music) has brought a lightness to Mayan Dream Productions that people can feel. It is supportive to all and much needed in our "way too serious" and somewhat combative world. Lightness and joy are being proved in the scientific community to have enormous healing powers. In another blog soon I will discuss this further.…

April ....Spring is in full force!

With the release of "A Celebration of Life and Love", my life is taking on a new vitality. I guess it's impossible to write a album about celebration of life and love without becoming a lighter and more joyful person. All parts that are not light and joyful come forward pretty quickly to be changed. Spring certainly is assisting this process. She is delightful this year because we have an early Spring with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and all flowering trees out in bloom....magnolias, red buds, flowering apple and pear trees. The tulips and daffodils and hyacinths and forsythia and jonquil are all in full bloom, or already bloomed and gone. It's absolutely gorgeous outside!

And of course this is Holy Week.....the greatest of all weeks. Most traditions are celebrating this very special time in their own ways. The Mayan photograph that is on the cover of A Celebration of Life and Love is from the Greatest of All Weeks in the Mayan culture. You can feel the…