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A dream last night

Here we are again....the night air is cool....the beautiful waning moon shines among the stars in a clear's 4AM and I am up and writing with my cup of Starbucks coffee at hand, and Retta sleeping nearby. She is my shadow and follows me wherever I go.

Over the last weeks, I have been recording new music: Wisdom Enters The World In Love. What a privilege and real joy to watch the music of wisdom emerging. It has not been a particularly easy journey because the music is so completely unknown until I record it, and it is somewhat uncomfortable until I have lived with it for a week or so. It has been a while since music has been such an adventure to bring forward!

We have the following tracks: Wisdom Mountain . Wisdom Cave . Held In Gentleness . Fire Within . Wisdom's Evening . Wisdom Dances The Waters! From the innermost cave to the highest mountain...from our innermost core....through our action in the world...we are held in Wisdom's presence of love and …

Commissioned album...vacation rest!

One of the best perks of being a musician is that I have the fun of connecting with people all over the U.S. You are an inspiration to me always. And....sometimes I get to write and record music for you. With this blog I am opening up again the opportunity for you to commission your own original music beginning September 15, 2013. To find out more, you can visit my website and click on the link on the home page.

We had a lovely vacation at Lake Erie with family the end of June. Time with family and especially with grandchildren has a way of revitalizing and energizing a person's life. It also provides reflection time away from the home office. All of this is good stuff!

Watch for new music to be available soon. Wisdom Enters The World In Love now has five tracks complete, and the sixth is soon to be recorded. Stay tuned!

Here is the art that will announce the wisdom music. Much love to all.