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Thirty years of a cycle are Complete

In 1987 I traveled for the first time into the Mayan lands of Mexico and Central America.  Little did I know that this trip would change my musical life profoundly.  My experience with the sacred lands of the Maya ignited original music in me that over the last 30 years has resulted in 16 published CDs, 2 albums that are only available for download and 40+ original albums composed for individuals.

My experiences also led to my business of Mayan Dream Productions and 28 years of relationship with all of you who read Musings, or listen to my music.  I treasure these relationships.  They have enriched my life enormously.

As I close this 30 year cycle, and begin the next cycle, I am listening to one of my download albums which is called Atitlan Fire.  The link to this album is on the downloads site of my website.  However, to make it really easy, here is the direct link to Atitlan Fire for you.

To celebrate the completion of 30 years, I am…