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With Spring Emergence Comes Lots of Creativity

What a busy week is coming up!  On Wednesday I will be recording again another new free download for everyone.  The Wisdom's White Fire music was created as the first new free download in this series on May 11th and the video of Wisdom's White Fire was placed on You Tube video Wisdom's White Fire the following week.  It is so much fun to be in the recording studio again!

Why do I continue to do this? When I create music or write Musings from a space of inspiration and support of the unseen world, the energy goes out and weaves onto our Mother Earth more wisdom, love, beauty. This is true also for all artists who create from this same place.  And….it touches on an unseen level the life on this planet with love….especially the human life.  It changes me profoundly and deepens my connection with all of life and all of you.

One of the exciting (and sometimes disturbing) aspects of creating new music is the unknown.  At this time Monday morning, I do not know what the new musi…