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Looking at last year with gratitude

January-looking sky. Isn't it amazing how beautiful gray and soft light can be. Notice one tree has never dropped it's leaves, so this is not really a January photo (probably early December), but this is what it looks like most of the time right now. The sun peaks out of the clouds and we have beautiful black and grey on soft gray. Sometimes the ground is white with snow, and sometimes (like today) it is soft browns with a little white dabbling here and there. Mother Earth is SO beautiful in all her aspects.'s astonishing how much good comes from doing my taxes. Of course, we are at the deadline again for Indiana Sales tax. And so I have to add up all of my income for the last year, subtract everything that is not applicable, and then pay sales tax to the State of Indiana on the rest. This is not a hard job this year because sales were REALLY low for all of my music. The why is not important....the fact is there is always an ebb and flow to every c…

LIstening to Woven in Love

As usual, I am in my office in the early morning, listening to my music, and this time it is "Woven In Love" from the VIDA album and drinking a wonderful, hot cup of coffee. It's a Saturday and these are such nurturing days usually. Outside it is about 8 degrees and everything is covered with a thick blanket of snow. The sky is clear and the moon is crescent. All is well!
I am struck by the ever-changing aspect of nature. In just 90 days this tree will be covered in pink and white will probably have a nest or two in it. Since I am a part of nature, my own physical form and my action out in the world also are ever-changing. That is always the "known" world for me: everything will move and dissolve and emerge and change...sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly. Here in Indiana we can go in 24 hours from a place of ease of movement to no possibility of movement. All it takes is one deep snowfall or ice storm to make movement outside…


2009 was a very intense year. Our society experienced the recession...violence....and our response to these. We had the potential to become people with a vision that was of wisdom.
2010 feels like a year that continues this potential. The unseen world is supporting me into creativity and especially into the creativity of writing and teaching about my music. Daily life is about meditation and exercise and taking care of Mayan Dream Productions and opening to the larger vision of what is possible this year. My ministry with the Catholic Church has become part time, but will continue to allow me to be a musician at St. John's, Fort Wayne. Family and friends are of great importance....both in the world of the internet, and in the physical world of actually seeing one another in physical form.
So what will this year 2010 bring? As usual, it is unknown in one sense. However, the known factor is that I will make the commitment to say "yes" to a more creative life tha…