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The month of May was a wonderfully transformative month for me personally. Life brought forward many challenges that asked me to choose. I could be victimized or I could be ensouled. Over and over I had to make the choice of listening to my intellect and following my emotions, or listening to wisdom. My meditation and ritual practices were my lifeline. The experience of the month of May deepened my appreciation of the relationship that we have with the unseen world, and my gratitude to the unseen world for it's unconditional love for all of us. I only had to open and ask, and wisdom was right there for me. recording, composing, teaching, marketing, all will have a new and exciting dimension and a new wisdom. My physical body will be stronger and able to support the recording and composing process in new and exciting ways. Life is good! I expect to be composing a lot of Soul Music over the next few months. That doorway has opened wide. Let me know if t…

Early Morning birdsong

Here we are in the early morning. The birds are singing their hearts out and the sun is just beginning to lighten the sky with that special soft dawn. The trees are now a deep green and everything is lush although technically summer is still a month away. The photograph is of my flowerbed right outside my office window. We are into the last two weeks of the long month of May. Just as May births new life and brilliant color and warmth and direct sunlight here in the Midwest, so Mayan Dream is birthing exciting ideas and music. Most of these ideas are like the ducklings and goslings in the nearby just hatching as fluffy and somewhat awkward new life. But, it doesn't take long for these little ducklings and goslings to become in June full grown ducks and geese, and everything is happening just as quickly for me. The world of technology in the music industry is amazing and rapidly changing. I can reach people with my music in many, many way…