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This afternoon I am at my work desk, listening to the music of Radiance and looking out at the beauty of a partly cloudy Autumn sky. The light is so gentle and the black tree branches against the grey sky rise up along with the red and orange blazing Autumn trees that still have their leaves. I love this time of year! Over the years I have written so much music that often it is not in my "audible" memory until I listen to it again and then I go.....oh yeah that music is part of me. Right this moment I am listening to the track called "compassion" and it feels SO good on my body and my spirit. It is like liquid love pouring over me. The goddess flute is blowing throughout this piece and I had forgotten how important that breath is to my own life journey. The goddess flute is's a miracle that it ended up in my life and I treasure that miracle.

There is a new piece of music that will be composed soon. The goddess flute, the other Mayan fl…

When is a new photo a good idea?

Mayan Dream Productions is a sole-proprietorship which means that I am the company. Thus, I was being nagged by my inner world to get a new photo out there. The one I have been using (forever, it seems!) is from 2006. we are with a new look that reflects 2012. Many thanks to Michael Mettler, photographer extraordinare, for taking this and other new photos.

My new photo reflects the open dance of Mayan Dream Productions for 2013. My arms are wide open to embrace all of the possibilities for 2013. My hands are open to receive love, joy, strength from my music and from those who purchase and listen to it.

Check out my home page for a new writing and a new pricing structure. October 1rst begins a special pricing for all CDs that brings in the New Year 2013. All CDs are $5.00 each plus shipping and handling. It's a tradition here at Mayan Dream Productions that my holiday thanks to all of you is reflected in a special, lower price. This is a very tangible way o…