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Let it snow! Let it snow!

Monday of last week was one of those transformative days. I was sitting in traffic only a few blocks from home....wondering why traffic was stopped....when I heard this huge sound and found myself in my car thrown into the ditch. Someone had become distracted and had not noticed that traffic had stopped, so she ran into the car behind me, and that car pushed me into the car in front of me and then into a ditch. I spent the next five hours at Lutheran Hospital being checked for internal injuries, spinal injuries, etc. No injuries! Just deep bruising and some sprain kinds of things, and the need to take a few days to rest and let my body recover from getting beat up.
There must be some karma working here because this is the third time that I have been in a serious accident due to no fault of my own, and yet have not been seriously hurt.
This accident totally destroyed my car, so now I have a new car that is way nicer than my old car. Without the accident, I would not have purcha…