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Life Continues

September is on its way with its change of seasons.....announced with storms to bring the cooler weather. Birds begin to flock for their flights south. Spring and summer flowers give way to mums and asters and other flowers of the Autumn season. The air feels crisp and the light begins to change texture.

Ancient/Future Symphony will be the featured album for the month of September. This is my favorite music of all the music that I have composed and recorded. And.....the total album was recorded within 8 hours of studio time! Obviously Ancient/Future Symphony already existed as part of me, and I simply had to open up and let the music flow.

This blog writing is called Life Continues and Ancient/Future Symphony is a celebration of life beyond our life in physical form. We are spirit, we come into physical form, and we return to spirit. Our life force extends through generations. Everyone has a different idea of what "spirit" means, and what our life here o…

Early morning....second try

Well.....I just wrote an entire gorgeous Musings and blogspot deleted the entire thing before I could publish it. They are very sorry! So, obviously it wasn't anything that you were supposed to read. There is a lot of laughter coming from my office right now at 3:52AM!

I am hearing the sound of a train whistle in the distance. This is one of my favorite sounds....maybe because it makes me want to hop on and travel and explore and find the next excitement. Ahhhhh.....

Last evening I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with total awe. They were spectacular in their creativity which pushed the edges of beauty in color and design and music and dance. I can only imagine the months and months of imagination poured out and the weekly (and then daily I'm sure) practice of thousands of people, who brought their time and talent without any financial reward but just the sheer joy of being a part of this glorious event. It was so beautiful and inspiring!!

For ab…

I Am Becoming A Nocturnal Animal!

Image I am again writing at 2:37AM. There seems to be a pattern developing here of immense creativity in the middle of the night, and then sleep sometime in the middle of the day. That's OK with me if it's OK with my body. We are coming into a full moon again and the beauty of that light, along with the song of the night creatures is lovely beyond compare.

Sometimes I try something and it doesn't work at all. The new e-mail address called was one of those "doesn't work" things. It sounded like such a good idea, but it was met with a resounding silence.'s gone into that vast graveyard of not so good ideas. But my philosophy is, if you don't try an idea you can't know if it's a winner or not. is gone. However, the comments option on my Musings blog is still very much open, as is my own e-mail address of

The EDGEWALKER music is on the home …