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Not Enough Snow for a photo

We have had beautiful snow showers for several days now. Sometimes it is almost a whiteout condition. However, until this evening, the snow never really stuck to the ground or trees to provide a photo-op. This evening I was SURE that we would have snow photo material. wasn't to be. There is just a skim of snow on the ground.

Thank you to all of you who supported the "emergence" of the EMERGENCE CD into the world in a new way as it was featured on DailyOM on Wednesday, November 19th. The write-up was splendid and it gave me another view of my music. Daily OM did not have me proof the write-up, and so I saw it for the first time as everyone else saw it. Let's see what happens now.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in the recording studio, recording Soul/Deepbody music for a fire sign celebration of her birthday in December. We share the sagittarius energy. I brought in Cranberry/Orange bread, and Raisin/Cinnamon/Walnut bread. A f…


I have been missing my dad this week. Here is a photo of me (happy but a really ugly baby!) with my dad. He was such a light to my life and even though I do feel him around me, he is not physically here any more. However, it is my job now to live the dream of which he was a part.

Today we are expecting snow and I am thrilled. I think that I am the ONLY one that is thrilled, but how exciting to see the change of seasons. If we do indeed get snow, photographs will follow.
On Thursday I decided that leaves needed to be raked and so I spent a few hours outside doing hard physical labor. Boy am I out of shape!!!! My legs and arms are protesting vigorously.

This morning I am in my studio, taking care of the business end of Mayan Dream Productions. The red candle on my desk is lit. The hibiscus next to my desk is still blooming. The Emergence painting is on the wall right in front of my desk. The painting of NaHunTan is temporarily at the photographer so that Ilene Satala can get a…

Hope blooms!

This Hibiscus bloom symbolizes for me the beauty of the age in which we live. Outside, it is November in the Midwest and Hibiscus should not be blooming. However, this year it decided to bud profusely in late October, and so I brought it inside and voila! We have lovely Hibiscus blooms in my office.

How wonderful is this time of new beginnings and "yes, we can" and a larger vision of possibilities.
We can hold a vision and a wisdom that lets go of negativity and of judgment and of blame and of very small ideas.

Of course, that has to start within each one of us. We cannot continue to live desperate lives of fear. The universe is built on LOVE....not fear.

So, for myself, I will hold the image of the Hibiscus in, joy, the pink of compassion, and the deep green of the Heart love.
What is going on at my studio? The excitement of a larger vision and much energy!
Love to all!

Change and my Inner World

The death of my father began a change in my own inner world. The images and spiritual beliefs that were supporting me are now changing again and this is not unusual in my life. In Copan, there is a large plaza with many stella (means trees and each stella is a large carved image which carries the energy of a part of the journey) and a central large portal of energy. The journeying individual moves from stella to stella on a journey from the above world, through the underworld, and back into the aboveworld. I have personally walked this journey in Copan many times.

Every time that something new in the way of a project or life-changing event happens to me, I have to walk this journey again. The new project or life-changing event requires a new person with new beliefs and new spiritual direction. Old things have to die so that the new can emerge. This is the journey through the underworld. It is a process of light into darkness. I emerge eventually as a new the Maya…