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The Watchers

This beautiful photograph, captured by Greg Beck, is from the edge of waters in California. Thank you to Greg for his wonderful gift, shared with the world. His photograph is called Serenity ((c)2011).

As you know, I am focused on the album of The Beloved for the month of June. Track three of The Beloved album is The Watchers. The Watchers is a piece of music that I composed around 1992, and it came from an experience that I had in the Mayan lands. We were traveling in a very small Mayan site....almost unexcavated....and as I stood at the top of one of the sacred structures, I saw the portal of light that lived in this place. It was still wide open and the music of The Watchers came from that felt sense of the beings who were still alive in this place....just no longer in physical form.

What are the Watchers? That title sounds passive, but the music is extremely active, and this vitality tells us a lot about the nature of the watchers. The Watchers was the very first piec…

A soft evening

Usually I write my Musings in the early morning, with my cup of coffee in hand. But here we are in the evening. It is dark and my evening cup of coffee is at my and strong. The air is soft and cool and I can hear the rustling of little creatures in the bushes outside my window. For some reason, I have been called here to write at a time that I would usually be sleeping. Hmmm....

Early this morning as I was looking out my open office window, a rabbit was looking back in at me, totally unafraid. We had quite a conversation. These are the things I remember as a felt sense when I begin to write music about Mother Earth.

Today was a high energy day for writing. As I sat down at my computer, words that describe our relationship to The Beloved began to pour out. The music of The Beloved is being featured this month and I wanted to share a greater depth of my own understanding of love....being loved....being in search of the Beloved....being the Beloved. Just as I co…