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Musing on Music Technology, Connection and Wisdom

Technology is moving more quickly than I can keep up with!  It is the ever-changing language of music distribution.  When I receive a monthly statement of deposit for online sales now, it is mostly for streaming my music.  There is always some downloading of albums or tracks of albums, but downloading CDs and tracks of CDs is becoming a thing of the past.

We will be taking the links down from our website that directly linked you, the customer, to i-tunes
to download my albums and tracks from my albums.  I-tunes will no longer allow links from websites.  They are focused on streaming and want everyone to change from downloading to streaming.  Very interesting!

Meanwhile, my customers have to go directly to i-tunes and search for my name.  Everything is there but it is harder for you to get to me to download from i-tunes.

There are over 50 other digital sites that hold my music.  Some of the most popular that are attracting people to my music are I-tunes Canada, i-tunes Match Americas, …