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January Fun

Photo (c)2010. Conrad Satala. Sacred Space of Paq'alib'al.

Usually I think about January as a time of hibernation. Not this year! Daily OM featured the Healing Music for the 21st Century CD yesterday, and it was fun to see how someone who doesn't know me writes about my music. They produced a fabulous article, and I am already getting comments through Facebook from DailyOM visitors. Here's a really fun thing: they called me a music teacher and travel guide. I have to say that is not how I would have described myself!

If you would like to see the article, click on this link:

Radiance is now up on CDBaby and they gave me an enormous boost by sending the link to anyone who has ordered my music through CDBaby over the last many years (10+). This level of support by a distributor is invaluable to a musician. Thank you CDBaby. The link is As with all of my music that CDBaby carries,…

Rainy January Morning

Another early morning....and it's raining with the temperature about 35 degrees. Thank heavens! Without that above freezing temp, we would have ice all over everything. After this rain, and then wind, we are going to have more snow and the temperatures will be near zero by tomorrow evening. When you live in Indiana, you don't get too attached to any particular "look" outside, and you learn to live with change.

The photo in this blog is of a display of all of the artwork connected to my CDs. You are only getting a little bit of this display, but it is awesome to see Emergence and Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, by Ann Beeching; The Beloved, Mayan Dream, and Journey of Joy by Ilene Satala; and Radiance by Jamie Rieger.....all original artwork on display.

Yesterday and today have been good days for my creative self and everything is flowing smoothly. The only glitch was trying to use the online customs forms and finding that USPS has a problem this week. It keeps t…

Second Week in January already

Mayan Dream Productions is a small business which has been around for 20+ years. As a small business owner, I spend some of each January wrapping up the finances of the preceding year, and getting ready for taxes. Indiana sales tax is due the end of January. Every year, this gives me the opportunity to look at the support that I receive from my music. The support is certainly financial, but more importantly it is the relationships that have built over the years that I treasure.

As I look at each month and its shipments, I remember stories that have been told about individuals' creative projects, and how my music has affected their lives, families and pets. Thank you to all of you who are a part of my life.

Usually, as I take inventory, I find things that I thought were lost forever.

Radiance is now on CDBaby and I have to finish writing the description, etc for that and also get Radiance up on Amazon.

This January, I will be playing guitar again because Walt bought me a guitar…