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Here in the Midwest, we have just completed the month of January. It could be the darkest month, and cold and intimidating because of the snow. However, it went very quickly and was a month of expectation of the return of light and of enjoying the weather that we can only experience in the winter. January was actually pretty mild (all things being relative, of course). Now February has come in with a ROAR. We had 12 inches of snow and frigid temperatures, and are expecting more snow and more arctic blasts. What excitement! And the beauty is incredible: tree branches outlined in fluffy white; snow drifts that are pure white and cover all of winter's exhaustion. We have the difficulty of driving, which is encouraging more time inside….not a bad thing. However, I am holding in light all of the people whose lives are ended, or altered forever by serious traffic accidents. This morning was particularly bad for travel with very icy roads.

Winter is teaching me to live in the NO…