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New Healing Music

It's hard to believe that this week will bring the first day of March. Spring is coming! and with it new music.

As you know by now, I am releasing a new album called "A Celebration of Life and Love". The creation of this music has been a transformative process for me. When a person composes music about celebration, that person (me!) has to become a person of celebration. Many of the old habits of complaining about work, or people, or the weather, or my body all have to go away on a deep inner level. I learned this last week that I have a very high cholesterol reading with a very, very high bad cholesterol level. The doctor was alarmed, but a follow-up EBT test showed that my heart, lungs, and abdominal area are all extremely the top 5% of healthiness. So, the cholesterol has to come down, but it was mainly a wake-up call that I needed to allow the change of many habits once again. That's a pretty gentle wake-up call!!

A Celebration of Life …


Last night I dreamed about the music of Mystical Rose: Music From The Heart of Everything. The dream had the album and me as one and the same. This is a "first" for dream that I am the music that I create. Somehow, it had always been music that was given to me and that I was privileged to create from the inspiration and help of the Creative Source; but never did I feel that I was the music. This was another level of understanding on a deep feeling level that indeed all is one.

The album of Mystical Rose: Music From The Heart of Everything has the following tracks: 1. Love Unfolding 2. Held in Joy 3. Laughter 4. From the Heart of Everything 5. Creating From the Heart of Everything 6. Life Unfolding. I will be listening to this music today and remembering that this is me.

Thank you to Conrad for directing people to my blog this morning. Now.....onward and upward into the new day. Love to all.

Watching the Sun Come Up

It's so beautiful outside this morning! My office window faces East and I'm watching the sun come up in a beautiful sky. I'm always in awe of how beautiful this planet is.

The new CD "A Celebration of Life and Love" is almost complete. I was in the recording studio yesterday for track six, and then next week on Thursday will be finishing the mastering process and we're ready to go. A companion project is moving at the same time: Ancient/Future Symphony, VIDA, and Mystical Rose are being re-released with the full duplication process which includes the professional printing and shrink wrap of the CDs. This is all very exciting and fun!! It's also a lot of work and so my focus these months of January and February has been on simplifying my life so that I have the energy for this creativity.

Part of the simplification is in releasing Amazon as one of my distributors. They have been part of my Mayan Dream family for about 15 years, but are no longer a…

The Process of Creativity Continues

Here we are a week later and the music continues to flow and the album continues to develop and change. Now I have a track called Sunrise, and one called At The Cave, and Woven in Gentleness and Dancing My Center , and Vision Serpent.

The new album is called "A Celebration of Life and Love". It is part of the Mayan Trilogy of Ancient/Future Symphony and VIDA, and is definitely a celebration of all of nature. So, it is also a part of the Emergence, Radiance, Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth group. And....because it celebrates the gentle quiet center that supports our life journey, it joins the music of The Journey of Joy, The Beloved, and Mystical Rose. The drum in the photograph is my Copan, Honduras drum and it plays on several tracks in the new album. It is particularly alive for these recordings!

There is a special lightness to this new music....and a new lightness to my life. Everything is simplifying and becoming easier.

With the lightness and ease of this new alb…

The Process of Creativity

This week I have spent about 8 hours in the recording studio. The new album is creating and changing shape. I have three tracks pretty much complete which are called "Vision Serpent", "Wisdoms' Quiet" and "Dancing the Center". As it turns out, this new music is going to be a part of the Mayan Trilogy which already has Ancient/Future Symphony and VIDA. Next week should be the completion of the album which is as yet unnamed.

Soul Music also continues to develop and grow. So.....this year which I described in last week's blog as sparkling with creativity is doing just that!

Now....onward into the day. love to all.