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Wisdom Ablaze In The World

It's a very quiet and peaceful Saturday morning. Later today, I will be making music with music groups four different times! Wisdom will indeed be ablaze in the world through the power of music. Tomorrow I play again with two more groups….then some time for reflection, family, and rest.

When I am consciously aware of Wisdom within and around me, my schedule of music is exciting and life-affirming. I know how much music from the heart, and played in the energy of Wisdom, brings life, love, compassion, fire, healing to those who experience it and to myself. If I move out of the space of connection with my heart and with Wisdom, all of a sudden life can become frightening and overwhelming. But….that is just a small and limited space and I can move right out of it!

My Christmas and solstice hope for all who are reading this blog, and listening to my music, is that you feel deeply the power of love and wisdom which surrounds and supports you in the midst of whatever life brings.

Releasing the Old to Make Room For The New

These last days of the year always bring me into a reflective space. Even though the outside is cold, the inner spaces are very warm. Wisdom and love feel close in my heart at this time of year. Creativity is strong.

I always take inventory of my physical CDs for the year end, and am brought into gratitude for the gift of music that surrounds me, and flows through me. What a blessing!

This year I will also be letting go of extra inventory of my CDs so that the new can have space. I have 15 different albums now and will keep all inventory of The Beloved, The Beloved Special Edition, Healing Music for the 21st Century, Mystical Rose, Deepening In Love, and Wisdom Enters The World In Love. I will keep a good quantity of each of my other albums (Mayan Dream, The Journey of Joy, Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, Emergence, Radiance, VIDA, Ancient/Future Symphony, Deep Snowy Night, A Celebration of Life and Love) to meet the ongoing sales needs, but will be letting go of extra quantities o…