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A week of intense work

Image's not snowing yet although we have had a snow shower around 3AM on Friday morning. It's almost December.....where is the snow??
This last week there was no doubt that a window of opportunity and support had opened. I knew that VIDA and Deep Snowy Night had to be out by this weekend. Why did I know this? I just knew it, and it had nothing to do with Black Friday.
So, Susan Stamm has been really busy with CD cover design and with marketing flyer design. I have been really busy with editing music, and creating a new newsletter that is an online event called Chilam, and with sending out electronic and snail mail invitations to all of this new music.
Deep Snowy Night is an album of Christmas Music. We call this time of the solstice by different names, and we celebrate it in different ways. Our music sings of love and light and warmth and this time we can choose to celebrate our oneness, or to get into fights about whose terminology is the right o…

It's Amazing!

This is the area of Santiago Atitlan and the inspiration for the new VIDA music. There has been so much happening in my life in the last few weeks. It's truly amazing! The inner work that I have been doing is bearing fruit in a big way. I have clarity regarding projects and the energy to actually follow through. As a result, we are releasing two new CDs this week, along with the option for people to purchase MP3 files of one of the two albums: Vida. There is a new marketing newsletter that is online.....very cool looking and soon to be coming out to many of you. It's a very exciting time to be alive.
This will be a short be followed by a much longer one with more pictures. Many thanks to Conrad for allowing me to use his photo of the fire ritual for the Vida Album. More to follow later today maybe?


Lot's of new look look for the look for Musings....
This latest look for Musings reflects the outdoors in the Midwest. We are in the "earth" colors of browns and soft gray and muted sunshine. All of life is moving into hibernation and we are waiting on the first snow.
Vern spent some time on the website this last month, fixing links, and placing a new infrastructure so that the website could be changed and updated more easily. It now has a new look, many thanks to the website master.
This coming week you will be reminded of the new music that has emerged. I am having so much fun with the Christmas music. The CD is called "Deep Snowy Night: A Celebration of the Return of Light". I really pondered about doing a Christmas's SO commonly done. But...I LOVE Christmas music with it's joy and focus on love and light. it is! Coming right along with the Christmas music CD is the CD called Pr…

November Sunshine and the Musician

We are experiencing a beautiful weekend, and already the sunshine is pouring down on me as I type. For some strange and unknown reason, I love the browns of harvested fields, and dying plants, and the beauty of bare branches against a November blue sky.
November is for me one of the most creative months of the year. It feels like the veil between worlds is very thin. This week I am completing the new album that was originally announced as "Vida" but is now going to emerge under the title "Profound Love".
As I was composing this music during the summer and early Fall, and then editing on Thursday afternoon of this week, I was very aware of the various ways that my own music is emerging. When I was in college, we had to study composers and be able to identify them by the way that they created music. That was a pretty intellectual process, and at that time I felt that the composer was unique, and thus the music would have the uniqueness of that particular compo…