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Looking Out My Window in April

It's the middle of April and everything is responding to the sunshine and rain and lightning that has enriched our world. Trees are beginning to bud....ornamental pear...and daffodils, hyacinth, narcissus are everywhere. A duck is nesting right outside mom's front window. Last week an eagle flew above my car....and hawk, goose and duck are everywhere. It's a beautiful and nurturing time of year!

April reminds me of why so much of my music includes bird song, water bubbling or moving in waves, and frogs of all kinds. We are woven into relationship with all of part of this big planetary weaving. These songs and sounds support and inspire me in my work and in my daily life.

The trip to Brown County with Samantha and Jordan was just wonderful and then last weekend we had Jason, Leah and Lucy with us for two days. Family is awesome!!

Mayan Dream Productions is in the middle of it's own Spring Emergence. The mailings are out....the newslette…

Watching the Jaguar

>I have an awesome photo hanging on my wall of a fire that is burning in the Lake Atitlan area as part of a ritual. The fire is alive with deer running through it (really!) and from the top of the fire a fully formed jaguar is standing. If you are familiar with the art on ancient mayan stella and temples, you will also notice faces that are found on the ancient artwork. It is remarkable that these forces emerged from the fire, but equally wonderful that someone's camera was able to capture these images which are certainly fleeting. WOW!. This incredible photo is by Conrad Satala.

Another story about the reality of the unseen worlds: My aunt died Sunday night. She had been in a coma, but woke enough to tell her niece that her husband had come to her and was telling her that her time had come and he was there to lead her. Then she died. WOW!

When dad was dying, he saw his twin brother and other deceased family members for days before he died. Sometimes I just need to be …