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Joy...happiness...lightness of Spirit...and creativity

Outside my window a soft rain is falling. It is cool out today and the breeze is gentle. I am enjoying the pinks and purples and yellows of flower, and the deep green of the fully emerged leaves on trees. Mother Nature is at her creative best!

Creativity is not meant to be hard, demanding, serious work. Often, we as artists, composers, writers become so deadly serious that our lives cease to be lived in joy, happiness, lightness of Spirit. For me, creating music is a spectacular fun! What a rush to be in the recording studio and have music flowing through me effortlessly. The editing process is equally gentle. Listening back to the music that I have just created, I can tell when something is at its potential or when it is wanting to be brought to a deeper level. These never feel like bad or good things, but simply the wonderful, joyful creative process.

Writing of Musings is the same way. As I write this blog, I am in the same creative flow as when I create music. I can…

Daily life

Here is Mother Nature at her most beautiful...this photo taken in Fox Island while walking Retta last week.

This week Deepening In Love: A Meditation On Love should be in duplication and back at my business for shipment.

May your life this week be transformative and full of joy!

Welcoming a Rhodesian Ridgeback to my life

Here is Retta at one of her favorite activities....demolishing a ball. Most dog toys have lasted about 15 minutes. Retta came into our lives on April 1rst. She is a two year old female bundle of activity and curiosity with a love of walking out in the woods. We have become very close very quickly. She has a wisdom and a deep quiet beneath all of her delightful antics. She is the Mayan Dream Productions music dog, our family dog, very close to Walt and I, and she is teaching me many things about frolicking and lightness and unconditional love.

Outside of our front garage door is a gorgeous crabapple in bloom with a regular apple tree winding around it also in full bloom. I wanted to share this unique beauty with you.

Music-wise: Retta is music; the crabapple/apple tree is music. Wonderful vibrations of love in our world.


The May appreciation (of all of you) sale is on....all CDs at $5.85 each which reflects an additional …

Wisdom sings through Violet Beauty is Now On Home Page

"Wisdom Sings Through Violet Beauty" is now up on my home page.....just waiting for you to enjoy. Actually, I composed this music several years ago for the birthday of a friend. So, it is with his permission (thank you!) that I make it available for you as a free download. Here is the quick link to my home page. Love to all.