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Wisdom Ablaze In Deep Green

Wisdom Ablaze In Deep Green was composed and recorded in June as a celebration of the wisdom life force that has created the deep green of the leaves of trees, the grasses, the various bushes on this beautiful Earth.   How blessed we are that this life has been manifested!  You can go to my website home page, click on the downloads tab at the top of the pageand download this new music for your own listening joy. Wisdom Ablaze In Deep Green joins the music of Wisdom's White Fire.  These new pieces of music are my gift to all of you… and enjoy!

Check out the new look for the Mayan Dream Productions website.  The new, exciting website is sparkling and much more user friendly….and very beautiful.  A special thanks for Steve Knight whose talent with computers and art has brought this new website into life.

Today is the Global Day of Compassion.  I am joining with people all over the world and adding my own energy of compassion to this Earth.    Here is the…