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The Cycle of Music

Over this last month music that I wrote years ago is coming back into public awareness. In 2005 I wrote a piece called "Wisdom Sings Through Violet Beauty". That piece was a gift for a friend, and it moved into oblivion until this last month when I found it again, and sent it to that friend again. It is now being used in a virtual pilgrimage and how cool is that! The Journey of Joy was released in 2000. It has always sold, but this last month it has a new life and has been featured in Daily OM and in other venues.

When music is composed and released, it never really dies. Even if it is outwardly asleep, inwardly it continues to grow and eventually comes back out into the world. It's always a surprise for me!

Meanwhile, we have a change in seasons again.....a full harvest moon this week....and the Fall Solstice coming next week. I am experiencing beautiful and wonderful changes in the texture of light, the colors of nature, and the feel of the air.

Love to all.