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The Soft Early Morning

It's very early in the morning and here I am again, with my hot cup of coffee, writing to all of you. We are almost in the middle of December and heading toward my birthday this month. As usual, it's amazing how fast time is going!
With the release of new CDs Vida and Deep Snowy Night comes the next part of the process of bringing music out into the world. I can write music and record music, but unless I communicate that music to the larger world, it stays inside my studio....with just me to listen to it.
This week has seen the "advent" of new babies into the Rieger household. I have two new granddaughters and have loved seeing their parents welcome these new lives into their life. WOW!
Now...onward to leading a concert this weekend that involves about 45 different musicians....that will be such a creative, exciting, spiritual, uplifting opportunity for me...and hopefully for all of them and for the audience.
Love to all.


Vida is now out in the world. The most important blessing for me with this new music is that now I feel in a whole different way the love around me. Vida is about love. Before, I knew that life was all about love, but now I feel that I am loved in a tangible way.
VIDA takes you on the journey of knowing the love that is all around us. It begins with the "Woven In Love" music. Our essence is love and that is what we are created from. Then "VIDA" celebrates the life that we are living....vibrant, alive. "Profound Love" is a feeling experience of connection to the Source of Love...relationship. Then we are breathed in joy through "Joyful Breath". Finally, the Tree of Life music is who we are and what we are called to embody as human beings. It's all about love.

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