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What happens when the unexpected hits?

Tom Tempel in creative by me in his recording studio when he wasn't expecting it.

Hello to all on Tuesday morning. Taxes are mailed in time....and the usual Monday paperwork is complete. This week is busy with shipping. My arm and hand are still in healing mode, so recording music is not an option this week. Such an unexpected event..but an opportunity for reflection and for rest.

My body is so intricate and magnificent in it's design. It holds the capability of taking vibration from all that is around me, and turning it into sound. That is incredible!

We live in a wave that joins all of life. I know that I have parts of distant stars in my body, and that someday this particular body will also be a part of some other form of life. But meanwhile, in this time and space I have the opportunity to live in the wave in my own shape and my own particular purpose.

David Spangler described living on the planet Earth as a form of extreme sport. I agree with that!

We are…


What an incredible week this has been! On Monday when I wrote, I had no idea that by Thursday I would be watching my life transform through a reoccurance of an old arm and hand injury that has put my right arm in a brace. This is going to be a swift and profound transformation and WOW! For everyone who might think this is a bad thing for a keyboard player and a drummer....not so. It will effect a wonderful change in my music and my life. I am sure of this. This happens every so often and always means that a new person is emerging.

Meanwhile, the fourth track of the new "VIDA!" album was created on Wednesday. It still doesn't have a title, but I am in awe of what is happening with this new music.

My website has a new look on the home page and a new description of who I am and how my music is traveling. Musings also has a new look and focus. All of this has happening since Monday.

On Tuesday, I took the photographs that are included with this Musing writing. Let's…

Walking in Beauty

"Walking in Beauty" doesn't sound much like the daily life of a composer, but it reflects how I feel about my life right now. There is so much beauty around me. As I write this Musings, it is very early morning and the birds are just beginning to wake. They sing that early morning soft chirpy sound. The air feels clear and cool. We are expecting sunshine and 70 degrees. The new life that emerged in March when these flowers were photographed is delicate and soft. Now in May, we are being delighted with splashy red, yellow, orange tulips, and ten foot tall bushes loaded with lilacs.

I expect to be recording quite a bit this coming week and next week. I am tweaking the music of VIDA! and recording the next new tracks. This is such fun!!!

You'll notice (if you have been a regular visitor) that this Musings has a new, fresh look.

My business property tax forms have to be filed by May 15th, so finishing that is also on my agenda for the next couple of weeks. I reall…